Fruit Salad with Maple Dijon Dressing

We love this maple syrup dressing – perfect over fall and winter salads.  Choose apples or pears, whichever is in season.  This looks great on glass plates, and it’s fast, fast, fast! 
Fruit Salad with Maple Dijon Dressing 
  4       ounces  Iceberg Lettuce
  2       large  Apples or Pears -- wedges or chopped
  1       ounce  Golden Raisins
  2       ounces  Gorgonzola Cheese -- crumbled
  1       ounce  Pecans -- coarsely chopped
  2       tablespoons  Salad Oil -- or olive oil
  2       teaspoons  Apple Cider Vinegar -- or Balsamic vinegar
  2       teaspoons  Dijon Mustard
  2       tablespoons  Maple Syrup

Arrange salad on plates; combine dressing ingredients and pour over.
4 Servings


  1. It is beautiful like Lynn said.

  2. What a great combination!! This would be a great salad for Thanksgiving. Thank you for sharing!


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