$avings $aturday...December Week 2 Heavy Cream

We get a “Hot Deal” flyer from one of the local grocery chains at the beginning of the month, which gives me time to decide what to buy and how to use it in our menu.  Last week the best special was a 1/2 gallon of milk for 99¢.  

For Week 2, the special that made the most sense for us was Heavy Whipping Cream for 99¢  The regular price was $1.79.  Anderson Erickson is a large dairy in Des Moines that is well-known for its excellent products.  Their cream is NOT ultra-pasteurized, meaning you can’t keep it as long before you get sour cream.  But the taste and quality is excellent.

If you are gravy and sauce challenged, heavy cream is the answer…it thickens without adding flour or cornstarch when it’s heated.  It’s also great in frostings, homemade ice cream and other desserts.

I think I’ll make one of our favorite dishes…Chicken Terrapin.   Use your turkey leftovers instead of chicken.  

Out of what's  left  I’ll use it for Spaghetti Romano for two.   

Chicken Terrapin  


  1. These sound really good! Thanks for the recipes!

  2. Yum!
    We buy it, but never get a deal like that.

  3. I’m always astounded at your prices in Iowa! I live in Vermont, potatoes are at least 4.79 a 4 lb bag, heavy cream also 4.79 a pint. Wow, big differences. Dale


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