Sunday in Iowa...

Fishing at Lake Keomah in December 
on a day in the 30's!  
We did have several days of almost 60° weather earlier in the week.
Check out the boatload of fishermen in the center of the lake.  
The state park is near Rose Hill, Iowa 
The building is in the swimming beach area


  1. Lovely, old building! What's it used for? They did an attractive job on the new metal roofing but wish they could have used something more in keeping with the original structure.

    1. At one time it was a dressing area for the beach with a concession stand and paddle boat and canoe rentals. I don't think it's been used much in recent years.

  2. It was a beautiful day in Mississippi yesterday. A perfect day for fishing, but we had too many projects to work on.
    Glad to say we got a lot of them done and some of them closer to completion.
    Hope you had a great Sunday.


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