Sunday in Iowa...

 The Neon Cow Over the Moon 
used to located above Wigg's Country Store,  an independent convenience store in Oskaloosa, Iowa, and before that the location was The Milky Way Dairy where the sign originated.  It has been mounted on the wall in the Smokey Row Coffee Shop in downtown Oskaloosa.  My husband remembers going to the Milky Way when he was a preteen.
The original sign was mounted inside a large convex dark blue quarter-sky above the building.
The Milky Way was a popular stop…even a Russian farm delegation got a newspaper write-up in July of 1955.
“At Oskaloosa, the Soviets couldn’t resist the offerings of the Milky Way Dairy Bar when they stepped out into the 90-degree heat. A. V. Tulupnikov ordered a three-scoop sundae covered with chocolate and marshmallow syrup and topped by a cherry The sundae was titled “Idiot’s  Delight.” NT W. Gureyev tried a similar concoction known as a “Tummy Buster.” “It’s wonderful,” both said smacking their lips. Tulupnikov said Russia has state ice cream stalls. But he conceded there was nothing like the Milky Way Dairy Bar." 


  1. I enjoy stories like this and I am so glad someone saved the sign.

  2. Shame on you...Now I need ice cream....Lolol
    Have a super day!


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