Sunday in Iowa...

 A Winter Barn 
belonging to a neighbor of our son between Columbia and Melcher-Dallas, Iowa  
Most of central Iowa got 8-12 inches of wet, heavy snow that started in the morning here and lasted most of the night.  


  1. Very pretty! ...From the warmth of my livingroom:@)

    1. Yes, where we are now! I'm going to have to shovel the 2 foot drift in front of our patio door, but not when it's only 12°...maybe Wednesday when it may warm up to a tropical 38°.

  2. So pretty- but I hear you on that shoveling. That's never fun! I'm in Chicago's western suburbs; we got some extra snow overnight, but probably not more than an inch. Just enough to cover the old icy snow so we could go for a walk today. :) Stay warm! :)


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