Ranch Style Stew

Every cook needs a fairly quick “can-opener” recipe or two, and this one from the   "Southern Living the Low Cost Cookbook" is man and kid-pleasing.  I keep pieces of green pepper and chopped onions in freezer bags, ready to use in this kind of recipe, open a few pints or cans of vegetables and beans, add it all to your browned hamburger, and you can whip up a few biscuits or a small pan of cornbread to go with this while it simmers.  Some cooks I know even keep browned hamburger in the freezer for an even quicker start.  If your family likes a spicier dish, add a drained can of green chilies instead of the green peppers.  If you don’t have the time or energy for biscuits or cornbread, crackers or slices of garlic bread might be a tasty choice.  Finish off with small dishes of canned fruit for dessert.
                             Ranch Style Stew
  1           Pound  Ground Beef
  1           Medium  Onion -- diced
  1           Each  Green Pepper -- diagonally sliced
  1 1/2    Cups  Canned Corn -- whole kernel
  1           Can  Kidney Beans, Canned -- 20 ounces
  1           Teaspoon  Salt
  2           Cups  Canned Tomatoes -- canned
  1           Teaspoon  Chili Powder
     1/2    Cup  Water
Brown the beef, onion and green peppers in 1 tablespoon shortening in large saucepan.  Add the corn, beans, salt, tomatoes, chili and powder and water and simmer for 20 minutes.
2011 Cost:  $4.26 or $1.07 per serving


  1. gonna surprise my husband and make this for supper tomorrow night!! It sounds so good!

  2. Definitely something I'd make. Looks like a good dish to add cumin to. Thanks for the recipe!

  3. I love your website. Your ideas and recipes are so simple but hearty and timeless. Thank you! I look forward to each of your email updates.

    1. Thanks Lourdes...
      We only post recipes we really cook and like...and simple and timeless are what we like!
      We want to be able to find the ingredients without a lot of fuss; or money either; and cooking from scratch shouldn't be a REALLY big job, just enjoyable.


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