Some History of Pies

  The Farm Journal Pie cookbook had some interesting History of Pies. Some of the things I knew and some I did not. 
  Why were the first pies round instead of square or oblong? Colonial women used round pans literally to cut corners and stretch the ingredients. For the same reason they baked shallow pies. When the orchards and berry patches they planted started producing, pies became became thicker and held more fruit, 
 Rhubarb, a New World garden plant, was called pieplant as that was its major use. 
Baked Pie Crust
Pastry here was most often made from lard, flour and water as these were the most available staples. The butter rich pastry of France and the Old World was not used as much here. Pastry, itself was originated by the Greeks during their Golden Age. 
A Pennsylvania Dutch Custard Pie
  American house wives developed regional pies using the products native to their region. Pumpkin in New England, chess and pecan in the South and custards teamed with fruits, in Pennsylvania Dutch kitchens. 
  Early home-makers were limited by the foods available locally. We however, can find ingredients from all over in our local supermarkets and have access to many different out of season fruits.
A form of a Chiffon Pie
  Chiffon pies, served originally in a restaurant located by the railroad track in Marshalltown, Iowa, are typical of the evolution that has taken place with pie ingredients. 
  Meat and dinner pies started as a way to use up leftover poultry and meat. Our Mothers and Grandmothers did not waste food. These pies were a tasty way of being thrifty and still setting a good meal on the table.


  1. Very interesting about the invention of round makes sense though! And did you know that rhubarb is originally from Mongolia? This is why it only does well in places with cold winters.

  2. I didn't know that about rhubarb. It is one of my very favorite pies, and fixed any other way. (wine)

  3. I am enjoying this history of pie making. I too love rhubarb pies.

  4. Beth
    There is a good recipe for rhubarb pie in the archives. One of our favorites.

  5. Your blog has become a fast favorite of mine and this type of post is just one of the many reasons why!! Keep 'em coming ladies. You always have something fun and interesting to say.

    You often have beautiful pictures.

    You always have something good cooking!!
    What more could we ask??


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