Do You Remember...?

Do you remember…?
When your Grandma and her friends swore by lard pie crusts?
When your mother started using shortening instead - like Crisco and Spry?
When you could buy pie crust mix in a box?  Just add water?
When pie crust sticks went a step farther and meant you only had to roll it out to get it right?
When, in 1963, Pet-Ritz introduced frozen pie crusts right in the pan?
Now, even magazines like "Southern Living" suggest frozen or refrigerated crusts instead of making your own.
They apparently don’t think anyone has “pie crust skills” anymore.
Try Myrna's pie crust or freezer pie crust to make your own - cheaper and much, much better.


  1. I don't remember those days but I do remember Grammy talkin about them!

  2. I remember those days, and my mother always had lard in the fridge, or a can of Crisco some where in the kitchen. Don't remember if she used both to make her pie crusts, but my mother always made "the best" one egg pie crust. Had her recipe written down inside my Betty Crocker paperback cookbook, but the cover came off, and I lost the recipe. I never could make a descent pie crust from scratch, so I always purchase the premade kind that you can get in the dairy case. I will check out Myrna's pie crust recipe though.

  3. Sue, I wanted to let you know... that my family still renders lard, and I store it in the freezer. I mainly use it for deep frying and baking cookies. I make Chinese Almond Cookies with the lard, which is one of my favorite cookies, and boy do those cookies taste good!! Most people would probably cringe if I told them one of the main ingredients in those cookies was lard, so I am glad no one ever asks... "What makes these cookies taste so good?"

  4. Yes...I also use lard for pie crusts, biscuits, some cookies and even cake...see the Orange lard cake here... . My husband never liked my biscuits until I made them with lard!
    I have gotten mine from my brother-in-law or I buy it at our locker plant, where it is not hydrogenated, which is what makes lard unhealthy. Your family-rendered lard should be great to use.


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