The 1994 Taste of Home Recipe Book

The Taste of Home Recipe Book was published in 1994 and contains recipes from the first year of the magazine.  All the reasons I like the original magazine are in this book…mostly scratch recipes – budget meals, fast meals, cooking for one or two, entertaining…”My Mom’s best meal”….you can see why it’s one of the best food magazines.
I like cookbooks that have contributors who donate their best recipes – and Taste of Home has improved the format by making sure the directions are complete.  I often see the original recipes in older magazines, older food company advertising, Pillsbury contest books, and older cookbooks – but seeing them here means someone liked them well enough to send in the recipe, and they have made it their own, and of course, there are plenty of recipe photos.
I picked this up at a local book sale – and with 350 good recipes, I still find new ones to try.  Here are some we liked.

Chicken and Rice Dinner

Beef Enchiladas

Ambrosia Pudding

Golden Apple Bundles


  1. I remember how great TOH use to be. I saved them and also bought the annuals. Those first years were certainly the best. I bought the annuals but the last one I have is 08. I also enjoyed Quick Cooking, so I bought those annuals along with The Best of Country Cooking. The recipes are tried and true and I never had to run out to find something I had never heard of in order to try the recipe. Just good old home cooking! Now I don't bother to even give TOH a glance and have't for years. I don't think I have even looked at the 08 annual yet!
    Now I want to pull out those annuals from the first years!
    Happy Cooking!

  2. I agree with you. I rarely use anything from the magazine now, but do like, and use their older books and magazines.

  3. I went to pull out some of the annuals and found my Taste of the Country from them. I believe the recipes from them came from the other magazines such as Country Woman. Those are great ones, too. I believe there were only 7 of them. If you like the first issues of TOH, you will enjoy them. I finished my set from ebay years ago.

    Now to sit and enjoy the annuals! (I should be cleaning)!

  4. Cleaning or Cookbooks? I vote for cookbooks.


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