Sherry and Ginger Grilled Tenderloins

In Iowa, pork tenderloins are usually a sandwich, breaded and deep-fried, with the pork extending far beyond the confines of the bun.  You can usually get grilled tenderloin sandwiches too, which are simply grilled. 
My husband’s brother, Don, gave us some tenderized pork steaks or cutlets from their homestead hog, and we couldn’t wait to grill them in one of our favorite marinades.  If you don’t marinate them, they can be dry and somewhat tasteless.  Don’t overcook these little cutlets, it takes really just a few minutes.
We enjoyed them today with some garden green beans and red peppers, and fruit for dessert.   I served them last week to guests with Orange Fruit Salad and homemade Garlic Parmesan Rolls and Molasses Baked Beans.                    
Sherry and Ginger Grilled Tenderloins  
  4        Pork Cutlets -- tenderized (about 4-6 ounces each)
     ¼     Cup  Sherry -- or rice vinegar or lemon juice
  2        Tablespoons  Olive Oil
  4        teaspoons  grated fresh ginger or ginger paste
  4        teaspoons  Teriyaki Sauce -- or soy sauce
  4        teaspoons  sesame oil
  4        teaspoons  garlic -- minced

Combine all ingredients in a self-sealing plastic bag; seal bag and refrigerate 2-24 hours.
Remove tenderloins from marinade; discarding marinade. Grill tenderloins over medium-hot coals, turning occasionally, 4-6 minutes total, depending on thickness.


  1. Oh Yum; looks delicious.
    I miss a good ole Iowa tenderloin sandwich. Just not the same down here in Texas

    1. Does Texas even do Pork? I always think of them as a beef state, LOL


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