Cookbook Reviews...Betty Crocker's Dinner for Two Cook Book

Betty Crocker’s Dinner for Two Cook Book was published in 1958…I was still in high school.  I don’t think I purchased this book until the 70’s, when I probably picked it up at a book or yard sale.  My copy is, however, very well used by now, the pages getting a little brown around the edges. 
Both Myrna and I love this book because the portions are sensibly small, the recipes are varied, don’t use many convenience foods, and allow for leftovers only where “cooking once to serve twice” seems desirable.  This book covers the basics like making coffee, gravy, pie crust and biscuits, and “reputation” recipes that they thought everyone should master, like green salads, broiling steaks and hamburgers, fried chicken, roast pork and mashed potatoes.
They also have chapters on holiday and special occasion meals, budget meals, regional and international recipes and outdoor dinners.  They cover shopping, setting up a kitchen and setting the table. 
What I especially like is the format, which starts with menus and then gives the recipes.  When I need some help with some menu ideas, I check this book.  Many of my regular, every day recipes have come from this book or several other books from the same series, Good and Easy Cook Book 1954Guide to Easy Entertaining 1959, and Cooking Calendar 1962.
Myrna and I still found plenty of recipes to try. 

Jellied Chicken

Vanilla Custard Pudding

Apple Crisp

Baby Beef Liver and Onions

Chiffon Cake


  1. I have this book plus the three others you mentioned at the bottom of your post. How much I learned from these books when I was a young bride who literally couldn't boil water. They feel like a part of me all these fifty-some years later and I wouldn't part with them for anything. The only sad thing is that they are falling apart from use (and age!).

    1. They are still excellent for the new young cooks just learning today. The basics need to be learned before you can do the fancy stuff.

    2. Exactly! Myrna and I went to our small-town booksale Thursday and these books were there...I bought another from the series, the Betty Crocker Party Book...1960...I would say unused.
      Have to we hauled our heavy bags of cookbooks...they are an addiction.

  2. I have to admit that book sales are my downfall,cookbooks topping the list. Bought several including two I donated by mistake!

  3. I have the '64 Fifth Printing of the First Edition of this book! It was a gift from the printer where I had ordered wedding invitations. My copy is well worn & literally falling apart. My favorite recipes are the Chocolate Eclairs & Shrimp Creole (I've even made a veggie version of this). I've also made Hamburger Stroganoff & Chicken Caruso, as well as the meatloaf & meatballs. I also have Betty C's Orange big 5-ring binder book from '69. Unfortunately my kids made a mess of that one. I'm missing some pages and it is very well worn too. I still make things from it, sometimes combines with other recipes and/or add my own things. I use the Egg Foo Yung recipe from that book but the sauce from another book. Since that one is in such bad shape I searched online for a less used copy. Found one, but $150 was much too high for what I'd use it for.


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