Cookbook Reviews...Holiday Recipes 1993

  For years our power and light company was called Midwest Power and Midwest Gas. It is now named MidAmerica Power. What ever the name, for  several years they put out a paperback cookbook around the holidays. It was intended as a gift for their patrons and could be picked up at their offices when you paid your bill or were out near them. I have a few of them, not all, which I am sure some of you do have.
  The book Holiday Recipes, we are using this week was printed in 1993. They state that “This is the 20 anniversary edition of our Holiday Cookbook”. The recipes were submitted by power customers. They are not attributed to any one person, just towns. The recipes range from Appetizers & Beverages through Vegetables and Miscellaneous. 
  I find that I tend to not get out this type of cookbook as often as I maybe should. One of the reasons why doing cookbooks this year has been so much fun. I am finding recipes that I have never tried and wonder why I didn’t. Just looking through it, I saw a recipe for Homemade Egg Beaters and Funnel cakes. Neither of these is something I am going to make, but it was interesting looking at the directions. Funnel cakes are something to buy when you go to the Fair, right?
  That said, if you spy one of these cookbooks at a book sale, you might want to pick one up. I think that is probably the only place you will find them. 


  1. Love Funnel Cakes; basically once a year and yes; they are a Big Fair food item, covered in powdered sugar.
    When I get in the mood for a F. C. I will go ahead and mix up a batch here

    1. So Colleen, am I reading this right in that you do make them yourself? I don't eat them, but my family does but never tried making them.

  2. Yes, I have made them before, but it has been quite awhile


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