Cooked-type Cereals...Use It Up

Cereals that are prepared for cooked cereal are the cheapest way to get your breakfast cereal, much cheaper than highly processed dry cereal.  But they are also great additions to many recipes, like desserts, cookies, breads, breading and main dishes. 
I always keep oatmeal, grits and cornmeal on hand, and like to incorporate them into recipes, as well as eating them plain.  I buy mine in bulk, from our nearest Amish grocery, but they are inexpensive compared to dry cereals, everywhere.  For cooked cereal in a hurry, try the microwave in-the-bowl recipes on the box, you don’t need the more processed instant versions (that don’t taste as good either).  There are many other choices of cook-type cereal; look up recipes from their manufacturer online or on the box.

Here are a few recipes to try.




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