Sunday in Iowa...

On the two-lane blacktop road south of Douds, Iowa


  1. I know this road! Use to take it to the crossroad to my aunt and uncle's farm. You see my aunt and uncle were Sporty and Doris Roush. They lived out there until they moved to town and into the little white house beside Jim Golden across from the old school building in Leando. Sporty owned the bulk oil distribution in Spuds behind the gas station. Wow, the wonderful memories you brought to me this morning! Thank you.

    1. Jean,
      We don't know anyone in Leando, but we travel through there on the way to Cantrill. We enjoy the small towns on the 2 lane roads! We also took this photo of the old school building there...Valley #3 school in Leando.
      Glad you enjoy the photos!


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