From The Garden... Chef Salad

I put the iceberg lettuce ( I really like just plain iceberg as opposed to mixed greens) in individual bowls and set the rest of the things out for each of us to make our own. There are sliced hard boiled eggs, sliced tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, sliced radishes, Green pepper strips, Blue cheese crumbles, shredded Cheddar cheese and some sliced sweet onion. I cube up some ready to eat Ham or cooked bacon and there we are, ready to go. This is very inexpensive to make if you buy the lettuce on sale, I have the rest of the veggies and cheese on hand. 
This is even better when the garden crops start coming in and then we will have this more often, I find it useful to fix at the end of the week to clean up the odds and ends. In the winter I would make soup out of these same leftovers, except for the eggs. As I am a Celiac sufferer this is something I can eat also.

Here's the dressing recipe:  Creamy Thousand Island Dressing


  1. It looks yummy. Celiac sounds awful.
    My husband will not let me buy anything but the head lettuce. He said too many recalls on the mixed bag stuff. I'd have to change it a little bit. Neither of us will eat blue cheese. Can't get past the smell. And I hate green bell pepper. The rest of it sounds delicious.

    Did you make your dressing?

    1. Myrna's absolutely delicious dressing is on the blog here: Creamy Thousand Island Dressing.
      It's worth making!

    2. Neither of us buy the bagged greens as we agree with your husband. Celiac isn'the as bad as a lot of things if you really, really, make the effort to read labels and stay on the diet the Dr. Recommends. I Don'the like blue cheese either.


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