Sunday in Iowa...

Home in South Amana, Iowa

Built in typical Amana Colonies style, with a grapevine trellis


  1. I'm betting that old brick house stays coooool in the summertime.

    Love your Sunday posts, always!

    1. I suspect it now has air conditioning...we're not as tough as our parents were about the heat!

  2. Beautiful house. How I would love to see the inside.
    Even with that white trellis I noticed the climbing vines growing up on the brick beyond the trellis. Some people just don't realize the damage that can be done with vines growing up on one's home or planting trees and shrubs too close to foundation

  3. An older brick house is like an oven unless it is well insulated. I had always loved brick homes...until we lived in one w/o a/c and nearly suffocated in the heat one summer night. Still love the looks of an older home & the big yards though and love to tour them! I hope they have updated & added a/c!


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