Use It Up...Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is often on sale around here, and because it’s perishable, it’s useful to have a number of good recipes using it.  It’s a great way to add a little protein to a meal that might otherwise be a little light.  It can be used in everything from desserts and salads to casseroles and breads.
Don’t dismiss just adding it to a salad plate either.  One of the favorite dishes at the Ronneburg Restaurant in Amana, Iowa is their cottage cheese.  They print the recipe on their placemats, and I’ve even seen it printed, years ago, in the Dallas, Texas newspaper, where a tourist requested the recipe.
And give a look at Cottage Cheese Custard, a dish Myrna and I both still prepare, that we learned from our Grandmother, and Cheese Filled Shells are a freezer recipe that is perfect to make when cottage cheese is on sale.
Cottage cheese makes delicious tender breads...Dilly Casserole bread is a classic.

Some excellent cottage cheese recipes:

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