Cookbook Reviews...Better Homes and Gardens Red Plaid Cookbook

  I think most of our followers and readers are familiar with the Better Homes and Gardens Red Plaid Cookbooks. Both Sue and I have various editions and we both have the newest published in 2010. 
  Like all of the red plaid cookbooks it is geared to the beginning as well as the experienced cook. This is a great book for the cooks of today. There are many basic recipes with variations of the recipe and many quick to fix recipes for the working families of this era.  Quite a few of the recipes are under 30 minutes or can be made before-hand and finished for your supper. 
  We both found recipes to try, and think that today’s modern cooks will find a lot to recommend in this book. There are the regular chapters you find in most cookbooks and chapters on convenience cooking, sandwiches and pizzas and the cooking basics for the beginning cook. It really is hard to go wrong with cookbooks from Better Homes and Gardens. This book is widely available and would make a great gift for that young person just starting out on their own.

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