In the Kitchen...Fry Pans, Woks and Electric Fry Pans

Fry Pans…Myrna and I have had many of all kinds over the years.  We have whittled down our collections…I have an 8” and 10” Griswold cast iron pan, an 8” ceramic non-stick pan, an 8” All-Clad tri-ply frying pan and a Calphalon 10” stir-fry pan or wok.
Myrna has some Calphalon select that she purchased in a set of pans…discarding many of her old, beat- pans.  She and I have both had Calphalon everyday pans…I don’t have mine anymore because I seldom cook that quantity of food now.   She likes their non-stick and light-weight properties.
I have to confess, I seldom use the All-clad pan…it’s hard to clean up unless I cook meat and deglaze it with wine.  I don’t guess I’d recommend it even though it’s often considered the Rolls Royce of pans.  Another pan I have had and passed on was a Staub supposedly non-stick enameled cast iron pan…it did stick…for everything!  Both the All-Clad and Staub were a colossal  waste of a good bit of money.
I occasionally use the non-stick pan, also mostly for eggs or to put my egg poacher insert into, and this inexpensive one I bought at Costco has held up well. 
My husband LOVES his Berndes crepe pan for cooking eggs…it’s HIS pan and I leave it alone!  The flat bottom gives plenty of room, and the low sides makes turning eggs easy.  It’s a cast pan under the non-stick finish, and works especially well on a glass cook-top, as the bottom is really flat.
But I LOVE my Griswold cast iron pans and use them for most everything.
When I need a larger pan or want to stir-fry, I use my Calphalon stir-fry pan…it’s perfect!
We have both had a variety of electric frying pans, some very expensive stainless steel ones, and I can tell you, we both have found the relatively inexpensive Presto electric frying pans are still the best…they heat evenly, clean easily, are lightweight and are cheap enough to replace when they get too beat up.  That’s Myrna’s in the photos.

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