Saturday Thoughts...Thrifty Cookbooks

Looking at not being able to replenish our pantries as easily as we have been able to, Myrna and I were looking at our best thrifty cookbooks for ideas not just to stretch our food dollars, but to extend our food supplies.  We are grateful that we both keep pantries like our parents and grandparents; as Myrna commented, she hopes people will start thinking about the same thing.  As she said, you don’t have to buy a lot at a time; an extra staple item or two each time you shop will help you get started.  You never know when you may suddenly be out of work, or the supply chain has broken down, or you are too busy caring for your family to get to the store as usual.
These are our best cookbooks for when times are tough.  Making your own mixes when you perhaps can’t or don’t want to go out to buy one can be useful too.  Some of these are geared to younger cooks as well.  All of them can be purchased online used.  One treasure I haven’t reviewed, but is very interesting is “Your Share” from Betty Crocker circa 1943…this leaflet shows how to cook when food is rationed.  (Click on the title to go to a link to view the leaflet...thanks to Becka!)
Reviews of the other cookbooks are linked below.


  1. They might start thinking about stocked pantry's now. But, with the way things were, people were all about fast food and convenience.

  2. I have a couple of these books but am always interesed in thrifty cooking ideas. I googled Your Share Betty Crocker and found the booklet on a site called Internet Archive if anyone is interested in looking at it. I greatly enjoy reading your posts and using your recipes and tips.

    1. Thanks, Becka...I added the link to the title of the book so others can look at it too!


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