Saturday Thoughts...Ginger Paste

If I’m cooking for one or two or a whole family, fresh ginger is one thing I don’t buy anymore.  Not since I found ginger paste in the produce section of the supermarkets here.  I’m not advertising any particular brand, the one above is what’s available here. 
What’s not to like?  Absolutely no waste, keeps refrigerated a long time, no messy preparation…perfect in any cooking recipe that calls for fresh ginger root.  In small towns like ours, it’s hard to even find fresh ginger.
I substitute it straight across for fresh grated ginger in stir fry recipes especially.  Here are two regulars on our menu that use ginger paste.


  1. I buy chopped ginger in a jar at the Asian supermarket here. Good choice for your use.

  2. I love this stuff! I have also seen garlic, tomato and anchovy paste sold in a tube.

  3. I buy the ginger in a jar as well. It's so well minced it's practically a paste. I don't fuss with fresh ginger anymore, unless it's for something like ginger lemonade or limeade.


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