Cooking and Baking with Honey...Honey Recipes

I like to bake and cook with honey; I buy it in 5 pound jugs!  I usually decant the newly opened jug into 12 ounce canning jars to keep it from sugaring…the individual jars go fast, and have less air exposure than a large jug that takes some time for me to use, and is opened over and over again for a longer time. 
Here are some honey recipes from the National Honey Board.  Click on the name to download free.

And some more honey recipes from the American Beekeeping Federation.

View these Delicious Recipes Using Honey:


  1. I love the flavor of it. But, it does end up turning to sugar because I don't use it soon enough.

  2. How does the honey stand up to say using sugar in recipes like cookies?

    1. I don't substitute it for sugar in recipes, I use recipes developed for honey specifically...I can't afford to have any failures. There are several good cookie recipes for classics in the booklet Old Favorite Honey Recipes near the bottom of the blog post that I can recommend.


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