Saturday Thoughts...Peeling Potatoes

 I was peeling half of a 5 pound bag of potatoes yesterday to prepare Freezer Mashed Potatoes.  I got to thinking about how I was taught to do the job…use a potato peeler, not a knife, peel very thinly, remove any bad spots with the rounded top of the peeler blade, and not waste any good potato.  I think Myrna was the one who patiently spent time with me when we were kids until I learned to do it correctly…she’ll probably tell you it was a good way to either get out of the job or get help in future.   
I asked my husband if he peeled potatoes in the military…”Oh, yes!”, and they were taught to do the job the way I was.  
I still like my 50 year old Ekco stainless steel peeler…simple, sharp, basic.  When I worked in food service, we trained employees to peel in both directions…I still do as it is faster once you get the hang of it.  The two-way method works best on bigger russets.
To not waste even the potato peels, try our simple recipe to make an “appetizer” treat for your family.  Here's a wartime rationing idea...or maybe it started during the depression.  Don't waste the peelings from your mashed potatoes!  I use these as an appetizer; we love them.  I often bake them right away while the rest of the meal is cooking, and they never make it to the table.
My husband's comment: "Think about all the potato peelings we've wasted over the years!"
Crispy Potato Peelings
Potato Peelings
Butter or olive oil
Salt, Onion salt or Garlic salt
Preheat oven or toaster oven to 450°.
Peel potatoes as usual, thinly with a potato peeler works best.
In a baking sheet, melt a pat of butter for each potato.
Toss the peelings in the melted butter, lay out flat, sprinkle with the salt or onion salt or garlic salt.  Bake at 450° for 8-10 minutes, or until crisp and brown, turning once and salting the other side.
Serve, but you probably can't even get them to the table.
You can use a teaspoon of olive oil for each potato if preferred.


  1. My husband uses peels them and he likes the same one you do.

  2. I love potatoes, and living in Idaho, with potato farms all around me, we eat plenty of them for sure! I love the potato peel, and always like to eat them, especially when I back them. I'm going to try your recipe, it looks delicious! When my great-great-grandparents came to Idaho, their first potato crop was planted with the peels from the potatoes. I've always thought what courage and faith that must have taken. Thank you for sharing, have a great week-end!

  3. You still have the same potato peeler for 20 years? Wow. I had a Ekco stainless steel for many years and then it bit the dust. Since then I seem to go through them once a year. I still buy the ekco but I don't think they are made like they used to be. I use the peeler 2 ways - I use it like a knife, for apples (I do have a apple peeler but I always forget to drag it down from the cabinet) and then I use the peeler the way I saw a person do it and that was by going away from myself. My mom always used a paring knife and was darn good at it.

    I will have to try those peeled potato skins that way. Thanks for the recipe.


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