First BLT of the Season

I don't know if there is anything that needs to be said with this photo...this is our first Bacon-Lettuce-Tomato Sandwich of the year with home-grown tomatoes.  
The recipe - homemade potato bread toasted, lettuce, cooked dressing (or good mayonnaise), and crisp bacon.  
Just some of the tomatoes and some peppers from Don and Bonnie...they even smell divine!
Naturally, the vine-ripened tomato is the star.
And this year, both the tomatoes and bacon came from Don and Bonnie's homestead...bacon I'd been saving just for today...and wonderful tomatoes they brought us yesterday...some of their 9 buckets of tomatoes just picked from their 40 tomato plants.  They have canned quarts and quarts of tomatoes and tomato sauce already.  They share with their grown children's families, and we're lucky they also share with us!
Even though it's cool and rainy today (and a big change from the rest of the week); we felt like we're having a picnic when we can have our most favorite sandwich with those great home-grown Iowa tomatoes!


  1. Lucky you. A couple of our winter tomato plants are still hanging on with this heat but not producing, they "should" begin producing again this Fall when the heat goes away
    Have you tried an Ohio BLT? Spread peanut butter on one slice of toast and Miracle Whip on the other, I leave off the lettuce.

    1. I don't think I'm quite ready for an Ohio BLT...

  2. mine is lettuce ,tomatoe, bacon, and peppeers, and cheese. also for peanut butter i add salsa to my sandwich.


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