Sunday in Iowa...

In the spirit of the holidays... 
 This corncrib is on county road T17 in Marion County, Iowa  
The Des Moines River valley is in the background


  1. Beautiful picture! I wish we had a white Christmas, but we got a soggy one. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have a safe and happy New Year.

    1. Merry Christmas to you too! We are expecting 6-8 inches of snow tomorrow with the probability of freezing rain will be our first really big snowfall of the year, as it's been a warmer than usual season so far here too.

  2. Just found your blog!! Enjoying it very much on this fine blustery snow day! Cheers from Hee Haw Homestead- Coin, Iowa

  3. Had to look up Coin Iowa. Welcome and glad you found us.
    We are getting a fair amount of snow and saddly some freezing rain.


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