Sunday in Iowa...

Beautiful old-fashioned "bridal wreath" spirea...still a common sight in Iowa yards


  1. the old fashioned bridal wreath spirea is so pretty, isn't it. I'm in Missouri in an older suburb near St Louis. I still see it in some of the yards of older homes, but I have never seen it in any of the new home suburbs' yards. I wonder why people don't plant it anymore. I also don't see many of the old fashioned bushes that had big white snowball flowers on them. The blooms were shaped like and looked similar to hydrangeas, only they were pale green and became white around the first week in May. The bushes grew to be large. For the past few days we are having wet, very chilly at night time weather. My Mom used to call this Snowball Winter because the blooms on the Snowball bushes turned white at this time.

    1. Our aunt used to have a "Snowball" bush in her really can't even buy a plant that's the same nowadays...they are just not the same color or shape...and I looked for one to plant for several years.
      Many older homes have the most beautiful flowering trees too...


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