Sunday in Iowa...Rhubarb Plant

Before the Rhubarb Season is over I wanted you to see what five years has done for my single Rhubarb plant. It was started in a plastic tub from a root of another rhubarb patch and brought to our house. I have made many desserts and pie from it. Rhubarb is always such a treat in the spring as it comes up early after everyone is tired of winter fruit and heavy desserts.
Rhubarb is a wonderful, long-lasting garden plant that you find in many yards here in Iowa. Almost all of the older homes and farmhouses in the MidWest have it growing and the plants are many years old. It comes back by itself every year and needs very little care. 

Here are some great rhubarb recipes, clockwise from the bottom left:
Freezing Rhubarb
Raspberry Rhubarb Pie
Rhubarb Pineapple Crisp
Rhubarb Pudding Cake
Rhubarb Strawberry Ice Cream
Rhubarb Squares


  1. My mom had a long row of it when we lived in southwestern MN. We used to sneak it for snacks. I only remember her making rhubarb sauce with it. My aunt made an upside down type of cake with it. I've made quick bread, custard pie and regular pie with it as well as the sauce. Love it! Unfortunately my hubby only likes the bread and we don't have a plant at this house. Rarely make anything with it anymore.

    1. Without your own plant it is sometimes hard to get. I rarely see it in the stores so everyone must keep their own picked. I like the sauce and upside down cake, but my favorite has to be a Rhubarb cream pie. Though the Rhubarb strawberry ice cream is really, really good. I bet your hubby would like it. Even Sue who is not a rhubarb fan at all thought it was good. We ate it picked from the garden, rinsed off and usually sprinkled some salt on it. Makes my mouth pucker now to think of eating it that way.

  2. Chuckling, Myrna. Yes, we used to sneak the salt shaker outside to have our snack. [We only had one door to our house at that time!) I can't believe how much salt I used to use, maybe till my mid-30s. Rhubarb, cantaloupe, watermelon, tomatoes, grapefruit, lettuce sandwiches & probably more! I haven't used it for so long now that I don't miss it and can tell instantly when something is loaded with sodium!

    I've heard of strawberry rhubarb pie (my former late father-in-law liked it so I did make it a few times, but have not heard of the ice cream. Do you make that yourself? I can't eat strawberries anymore.

    I've seen rhubarb in the stores here, but usually don't buy any. I think you can find it in the freezer section in those 1# boxes or maybe bags.

    1. I hate to admit it, but I still have my addiction to salt. And on everything except tomatoes. Yes, I make the ice cream. I have a 2 quart electric countertop ice cream maker and we eat a lot of ice cream. Luckily none of us are overweight and I need to eat more dairy products so ice cream is on my diet. lol.
      I bought one bag of frozen rhubarb from the freezer section of our local store and really didn't like it. I try to keep ahead of my patch and freeze enough for the winter. What a shame to have to give up strawberries.


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